REDJIC is your perfect tool for school management.It ensures that every aspect of your school operation is properly managed and everyone can work smoothly within a safe environment

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Redjic is an all-in-one solution designed to suite every school or educational institution.REDJIC School Management System is the efficient and effective way to run your school. Its computerizes and improvs critical administrative tasks from the admission through to graduation. REDJIC School Management System is the efficient and effective way to run your school. Its computerizes and improvs critical administrative tasks from the admission through to graduation. Redjic Suite also provides a centralized, secure platform for administrators, teachers, parents and students to share information and collaborate. It is designed in such a flexible manner such that it caters for the needs of both primary and secondary schools. Improve services to students, staff, visitors and manage your school effectively with REDJIC.
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It's a revolutionary School Management Software introduced to simplify the complexities faced in daily school operations. REDJIC allows School owner to save time, cost and human resource to manage and develop school. It also helps school connect with their students and parents and teachers. Using REDJIC, school performance will be accelerated. Over years REDJIC has gained recognitions and leading School Management Solution in Africa. REDJIC focuses on the impressing functions of a school(s) effectively and management processes and operations as regards to Teachers, Students, Parents, Financial Department etc



REDJIC is simple and intuitive. The intuitive interface negates the need for constant training and maximises usage.

Data Archiving & Retrieval

Data & information are stored and retrieved consistently at any time without delay.


Redjic supports multiple branches and schools of all sizes, with customizable grading, report card systems and much more.

Cost Saver

Redjics saves schools lots of money that are normally incurred in information storage, printing of reports & fees receipts, etc


Redjic is desgined with the latest technological tools, standards and platforms, guaranteeing security, speed and a 99.99% uptime.


Redjic has routine backups and contingency plans for schools plus utilize advance online security protocols to guide against unauthorized access.

Felixible Pricing

Redjic comes with FREE WEBSITE. Our flexible pricing model is competitive and gives you the best bargain on your budget

24/7 Support

Our support system is available 24/7 to provide answers to questions and resolve issues.

REDJIC School Management System Simple One-Stop School Management System

  • Fee Management and Payment

  • Student Module

  • Parent Module

  • Transcript Module

  • Staff Module

  • Admin Module

our working process

There are 3 major ways to earn commission with REDJIC School Management System.

Affiliate Partner

Partner to market Redjic and signup schools to earn huge commission on termly basis

Technical Partner

Become a manager of REDJIC SMS and earn huge commission on termly basis

OEM Partner

Get a license to use REDJIC for your business, your way, your customisation, your price

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